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“Cultural Heritage Management and Tourism” Open Event

The open event on the topic of ‘Cultural Heritage Management and Tourism’, organised on Friday 16/01/2023 at the Hospice of England in the Medieval Town of Rhodes, met with great success.

The speakers, invited from Greek and international Universities, touched upon the subjects of Urban Management, Touristification and Over-Tourism, and Digital Management of Cultural Heritage. The event was well attended by members of the public, as well as numerous officials: MPs for the Dodecanese Mr Ypsilantis and Mr Papas; the Mayor of Rhodes Mr Kambourakis; Deputy Mayor Mr Drakos; the Mayor of Nisyros Mr Koroneos and Deputy Regional Governor of the South Aegean Mr Bardos. MP for the Dodecanese Ms Iatridi sent a written statement.

The conclusion of the presentation was followed by a lively dialogue.

The main speakers were Dr Nikos Ntounis, Researcher at the Institute of Place Management, Manchester Metropolitan University; Dr Aggelos Panayiotopoulos, Senior Lecturer in International Tourism Management and co-leader of the Travel, Tourism, Culture and Heritage Research Group, Liverpool John Moores University; Dr Jenny Kanellopoulou, Senior Lecturer in IP Law; and Dr George Carydakis, Associate Professor of Intelligent Interaction at the University of the Aegean.

The event was organised in collaboration with the Architectural and Cultural Heritage Association of Rhodes, the Rhodes Centre for History and Social Research, and the House of Europe in Rhodes.

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