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Rhodes Project SCE

The Rhodes Centre for History and Social Research (Rhodes Project – RP) is a Research Centre established in 2013 on the island of Rhodes, Greece.

The Rhodes Project specialises in research within Humanities and Social Sciences, with a particular interest in Digital Humanities. Bringing together researchers, data and sources, the Rhodes Project fosters scientific analysis, evaluates and highlights the social impact of their studies and provides a unique reference point for social research in Rhodes. Innovation, including social innovation, is also one of the main goals of the Centre. The ultimate aim and social mission of the Rhodes Project is to create sustainable jobs within humanities and social sciences, with a particular emphasis on Research & Development (R&D) in Greek island regions. We believe this to be an important way to overcome the fragmentation, peripherality and particular economic conditions of such insular regions.

The Rhodes Centre for History and Social Sciences is registered as a Social Cooperative Enterprise (SCE) under Greek law. A defining characteristic of all Social Economy Enterprises, is that the social mission takes precedence over financial profit; this applies to the Rhodes Project as well. By law, practically all profits are reinvested in the company, thus working towards the aim of sustainable work positions. Furthermore, most employees are also shareholders and participate in decision making. The Rhodes Project is subject to rigorous yearly reporting and scrutiny by the state authorities overseeing the Social and Solidarity Economy.

Another aspect of the Centre’s organisational model is the academic independence it provides. The Rhodes Project is answerable only to its shareholders and employees and is not directly affiliated with any other academic institution, state organisation or private company. This allows the Centre to actively seek out synergies with various academic and other research institutions from across the world and to seamlessly collaborate with many different partners on various projects.

Visit “Our Projects” to learn more about RP’s past/ current work and partnerships.