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Dr. Ioannis F. Papageorgiou

Role: Researcher

Dr. Ioannis F. Papageorgiou received a degree in History from the History and Archaeology Department of the University of Athens (1996). He continued his studies and received a degree from the department of Communication, Media and Culture of Panteion University (1999). He received his PhD (2011) in History Education from the University of the Aegean, for his content analysis research on the minutes of the Greek Youth Parliament.

His scientific interests and publications include contemporary approaches to history, historical trauma, and history education. [Indicatively: Kimourtzis P., Kokkinos G., Papageorgiou I.V., Papageorgiou I.F. (2017). Economic crisis and integration: Deconstructing social borders in Rhodes island. Social and Education History, Vol 6(2). Κόκκινος Γ., Παπαγεωργίου Ι.Φ. (2013). Ιστορία, Μνήμη, Ηθική, Πολιτική. Νέα Παιδεία, Vol. 145].